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Mindfulness in the workplace

When life changes and you haven’t… yet

In my Life Transitions coaching package, I specialize in supporting individuals through significant life changes and transitions. Whether you’re navigating milestones like starting college, getting married, or experiencing the loss of a loved one, I’m here to provide you with personalized guidance and support.

My coaching approach is tailored to your unique circumstances and aims to create a safe and supportive space for you to explore your emotions and develop effective coping strategies. I understand that everyone’s journey is different, and my goal isto help you feel empowered and equipped to face life’s challenges with confidence.

Our sessions are focused on helping you gain insight into your emotions, identify patterns of behavior, and develop practical tools to manage stress and uncertainty. Whether you’re seeking direction, resilience, or simply a deeper understanding of yourself, I’m here to help you navigate through your life’s transitions.

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey towards a more fulfilling and purposeful life, I invite you to contact me today to schedule your first session. Together, we’ll work towards building a brighter future for you with ease and grace that embodies you as spirit so that you can live Your Story, the life you were born to live.

* In all Guided Meditation and Intuitive Life Coaching packages, you’ll receive an inclusive one-time Intuitive psychic reading and healing session with Fran. Through this collaborative process, we’ll work together to uncover any blocks that may be hindering your progress in life and initiate the healing journey towards realizing your best life.

Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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