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Intuitive Generative Readings

Preparing for Your 1:1 Session

Throughout your life, you have carried old beliefs, patterns and wounds that are no longer relevant for you and may have prevented you from moving forward in life. I focus on your energy and chakras, clearing blocks that are preventing you from living your Story, the life you were born to live. My overall goal and objective is to get to your core issue and where it began in this life for you. It is with this information and guidance that you can start to heal from within.

In your 1:1 session with me, my focus is you. To prepare for your session with me, think of and write down the questions or issues that you would like me to look at before the reading. Sometimes we may forget during the reading. It helps if specifics are available. Please note that the reading is about you and not others in your life. Often others in your life may come into the reading. I usually know who they are, e.g. mother, father, sibling, partner child, etc. In the event a person who has passed on in this life comes into the reading, I am a channel for them to communicate with you.

Try to relax before your session. This creates a positive atmosphere for your 1:1 and makes it easier for information come through. Ask questions during the session. The information I receive comes to me directly at a very rapid pace, in the event you don’t understand something – please let me know so I can rephrase in a way that is more easily understandable.

Legal Disclaimer:
Any Advice and/or messages that you receive is not intended to replace any type of therapy, counseling, diagnosis or treatment you may receive or are receiving from any legal and/or medical professionals. Although this type of energy work compliments most therapies you may be participating in, Frances shall not be liable for any actions you take based upon any information you receive during your session with Frances. You must be at least 18 years of age to receive a reading.

Initial 1:1 session: $250.00
Follow up sessions: $200.00
Refer a friend for a reading- receive $20.00 off your next session!

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Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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Phone: (360) 836-0478