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The Foundation

In this meditation practice you begin to integrate your connection with your spirit and body as you release past-time emotions and external, fostering a greater sense of personal sovereignty. As you develop a deeper connection to your spirit you will understand the significance of chakras (energy centers) and your aura (energy field) and the importance in your overall well-being and self-discovery as spirit in body.

Introducing the technique Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in meditation, you will gain powerful insights into the way you perceive and process information. By examining the language you use in your thought patterns, and the behaviors you exhibit. Using the technique Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) you begin the healing process by de-energizing emotional charges and energies tied to past experiences and beliefs. You initiate a profound journey of self-healing and reclaiming your authentic essence.
Each week, you will gain new tools and insights to solidify the foundation, fostering confidence in your inner self and intuition. Your dream of a more confident and empowered self is within reach.

Your Story, the life you were born to live unfolds as you embrace each session, building a transformative foundation that aligns with your true essence.

Let’s embark on this empowering journey together! Contact me today to schedule your first session and start to Live Your Story, the life you were born to live.

This course is a 21-week program that will change your life forever.

Class fee: $2625 ($125.00 per session)
Phone: (360) 836-0478

* In all Guided Meditation and Intuitive Life Coaching packages, you’ll receive an inclusive one-time Intuitive psychic reading and healing session with Fran. Through this collaborative process, we’ll work together to uncover any blocks that may be hindering your progress in life and initiate the healing journey towards realizing your best life.

Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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Phone: (360) 836-0478