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What People Are Saying

My experience from working with Fran over more than two decades has been a continual process of clarification and exploration of my inner life. Through my readings with her, I have discovered the essence of my soul’s growth at various points in time. The information gathered in these sessions has been invaluable in identifying the lessons I am learning, and act as wayposts in navigating the way forward. Fran has a true gift. She is a clear seer who is also down-to-earth, funny, and wise. She gets real information and has honed the structure of her readings over many years. I feel completely safe in her masterful hands.

Diane P.

My weekly 1:1 sessions with Fran have changed my life in so many ways! The tools that I’ve gained has changed how I respond to my family and work. I can’t wait for each week to see what new tools that I will gain! Thank you, Fran! 


With Fran as my personal generative coach for 10 sessions, I was able to work through several unexposed beliefs that put undue pressure on me both in my work life and my home life. Together we partnered to uncover what was truly blocking my ability to be happy and fully accepting of my life as it currently is. My situation has not changed. My internal landscape has, and that has made all the difference in the world. I am a happier, more whole human as a result of our work together. 

Christin C.

“When I was young, I attempted some meditation on my own, believing that stilling my mind would somehow bring me inner peace. I thought meditation was all about letting go of outside stimulation, taking my mind to a different place, and seeking stillness. While it is true that this type of meditation lowered my stress level at least for a few moments and it always felt good, there was always something missing in the experience for me. The point of it always escaped me. Then I met Fran and began attending beginning meditation courses at Clear Transformations. Finally, it felt like there was a point. Meditation isn’t just about finding stillness, it’s about doing some real work! Fran changed my life in so many positive ways. Meditation with Fran taught me to be in my body and sensing energy in a whole new way. I learned to work on my aura, clean my chakras, ground myself and places, shield myself from others’ energy, let go of past events that were painful or hurtful to my energy flow, and to break psychic contracts that were no longer needed and shed the lingering sense of obligation to people in my past. I learned to communicate with my spirit guides and engage them in self-healing. The list goes on and on. There are so many skills I learned at Clear Transformations group meditation sessions that I continue to carry with me and use on a regular basis 15 years later. I find that when my life gets stressful or I begin to feel energy spinning sort of wildly within myself, I can quickly put things back in order with a short meditation and a few days of focused attention to my meditation practice. The thought of meditating (especially in a group) can be intimidating to some people because they don’t know what to expect. I would just say this: If you go to Clear Transformations with an open heart and open mind, you will learn some new tools for balancing your energy, fending off what you don’t need in your life, and creating a new sense of control within yourself. Fran will change your life, I have no doubt about it!” 

healthplan CEO

Frances Welsh has been a great coach for my anxiety, overwhelming issues, part depression too, and a great instructor for meditation due to her years of experience in the field, as well as, her gifts bestowed upon her since birth by our benevolent Universe, our Infinite Intelligence that with this gift helps sojourners in this life to walk the path more enlightened, more clear and gives sense to our purpose here in life. I am greatly honored and thankful for precious souls like Frances that has shown compassion, share her gifts with me and provide counsel and coaching in one of my most challenging times in life. I highly recommend her services because it will help you to lighten the load of the burden of life, and to find clarity and peace in this very busy informational age that we live in. I am thankful to the Universe and to her for providing such services and feel that she found her true calling in life where the energy flows abundantly to nourish, teach, coach and stand with her fellow man where both partake in the journey of life. My recommendation is wholeheartedly positive for her services. I’ve learned so much and apply the tools that she has given me to use in my own challenges of my mind, thoughts, my perceived obstacles, and mental blocks. May God bless you Frances for sharing your wonderful gifts that you have bestowed on your fellow man. I truly am grateful and humble for this experience that I have shared with you.

Your student and fellow sojourner on the path of life,
A. Rady
Automation Engineer, International Accounts Manager

Back in 2000, I started taking meditation classes from Fran in order to calm down. From the first class, it was clear that while one benefit was relaxation, this meditation was all about energy. It began my unexpected career change from the corporate world into energy work as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. The Clear Transformation experience involved many levels of personal, physical and spiritual change as well that continue today. I still use the skills I learned both personally and professionally. I am grateful to Fran and my fellow travelers in the classes.” 

L.Ac, Chinese herbs and nutrition 

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