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What People Are Saying

Oh my word!! Fran, your session was utterly incredible. I felt completely and utterly exhausted afterwards and slept for over 10 hours straight that night. You have shifted, cleared and opened up so much. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Deeply grateful to you. Thank you for the recording which I plan to listen to again and again. We covered so much ground, I couldn’t possibly have taken in the magnitude of it all in one sitting.

You are an incredibly gifted transformer. Thank you deeply for sharing your gifts with me.

My experience from working with Fran over more than two decades has been a continual process of clarification and exploration of my inner life. Through my readings with her, I have discovered the essence of my soul’s growth at various points in time.

Diane P.

I met Fran and began attending the 21-week Foundation Program meditation at Clear Transformations. Finally, it felt like there was a point. Meditation isn’t just about finding stillness; it’s about doing some real work! Fran changed my life in so many positive ways. Meditation with Fran taught me to be in my body and sensing energy in a whole new way.

Chris S.

I started taking meditation classes from Fran in order to calm down. From the first class, it was clear that while one benefit was relaxation, this meditation was all about energy. It began my unexpected career change from the corporate world into energy work as a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist. The Clear Transformation experience involved many levels of personal, physical and spiritual change I still use the skills I learned both personally and professionally. I am grateful to Fran

Elaine M

With Fran as my life energy coach, I was able to work through several unexposed beliefs that put undue pressure on me both in my work life and my home life. Together we partnered to uncover what was truly blocking my ability to be happy and fully accepting of my life as it currently is. My situation has not changed. My internal landscape has, and that has made all the difference in the world. I am a happier, more whole human as a result of our work together.

Christin C. 

Fran has been a great coach for my anxiety, overwhelming issues, part depression too, and a great instructor for meditation due to her years of experience in the field, as well as her gifts bestowed upon her since birth

Andrew R.

My recommendation is wholeheartedly positive for her services. I’ve learned so much and apply the tools that she has given me to use in my own challenges of my mind, thoughts, my perceived obstacles, and mental blocks. May God bless you Fran for sharing your wonderful gifts.


Fran has a true gift. She is a clear seer who is also down-to-earth, funny, and wise. She gets real information and has honed the structure of her readings over many years. I feel completely safe in her masterful hands.


I find that when my life gets stressful or I begin to feel energy spinning sort of wildly within myself, I can quickly put things back in order with a short meditation and a few days of focused attention to my meditation practice. Fran will change your life, I have no doubt about it!”


Wow, Fran, this is good! I just subscribed to your channel!


Listened to “Cutting the Cords of 2021!  I found it to be authentically liberating!  As I write this reply, I feel that my breathing is refreshed and my aura is defined anew: to guard, to protect and to cleanse oh stagnating energies.  Found your meditation to be empowering!


I really enjoyed your presentation. I really like your visualizations, and how I incorporated them into my meditation. As each month burned away in the purple flame, I felt very present-minded. 2021 was not the worst year for me, especially when I consider what others have gone through. My intention settings for 2022 are significant and the intention meditations were valuable to me.  You have a very nice calming voice that facilitated my intent.  Thank you for this!


Fran that has shown compassion, share her gifts with me and provide counsel and coaching in one of my most challenging times in life. I highly recommend her services because it will help you to lighten the load of the burden of life, and to find clarity and peace in this very busy informational age that we live in.


I learned to work on my aura, clean my chakras, ground myself and places, shield myself from others’ energy, let go of past events that were painful or hurtful to my energy flow, and to break psychic contracts that were no longer needed and shed the lingering sense of obligation to people in my past. I learned to communicate with my spirit guides and engage them in self-healing.


Oh, my word! Thank you During the journey through the months I grabbed my 2021 Calendar–I hadn’t realized how much I had repressed (just to keep on slogging through all that HAD to be done). Now I think I would like to borrow your burning technique–first, the remembering, acknowledging, then the goodbye. Love you Sister!


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