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“Journey to Your Best Self” program.

In the wake of your successful completion of the Foundation program, a new chapter unfolds—the “Journey to Your Best Self” program. This is not just a course; it’s a profound expedition that intertwines personalized coaching, an exploration into the tapestry of your life within the Akashic Records, and a deep understanding of your energy centers, known as chakras. My goal is clear: to guide you in living authentically and elevating your overall awareness.

As you continue to build upon your foundation you will uncover the essence of personal growth, delving into the core of your energy, beliefs, and mindset that intricately shape the narrative of your life.

Discover Your Authentic Self:
Cultivate an unapologetic expression of your true self, creating a platform for transformative life changes and heightened awareness.

Personalized Coaching:
Navigate tailored coaching sessions designed to address your unique challenges, offering guidance to reshape your mindset for a more fulfilling life.

Live Your Story:
Embark on a captivating journey into your Akashic Records, unlocking profound insights and releasing anything hindering your path to your best self. You will Live Your Story, the life you were born to live.


  • Gain a profound understanding of yourself and others.
  • Initiate positive transformations across various aspects of your life.
  • Liberate yourself from limiting beliefs, fostering personal growth.
  • Explore higher dimensions of consciousness, unlocking new realms of self-awareness.

Who Should Enroll:
This program extends a warm invitation to those prepared to explore their potential, understand their life journey, and enhance their overall well-being. If you are at the threshold of personal and spiritual growth, the “Journey to Your Best Self” program awaits your presence.

Embark on this transformative journey today, where every session is a revelation, and each step leads you closer to the authenticity and heightened consciousness you’ve been seeking. Enroll now and embrace the path to your best self.

Prerequisite: Completion of the 21-week Foundation Program is required.
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Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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