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Life Energy Coaching


If we walk in the world transformed, living our authentic selves, then miracles happen in and around us. It is a precious gift of trust in another that allows our souls to be deeply touched, profoundly moved. If you and I walk together for a while, and you reveal your beauty in the care of my soul, then I will illuminate your heart and soul, and empower you to celebrate your uniqueness. —Anonymous

Welcome to Your Journey of Transformation

In the realm of transformation, miracles unfold when we walk authentically in the world, revealing the true essence of our souls. Trust becomes a precious gift, allowing profound connections and deep touches that resonate within and around us. Let the words of Anonymous guide us.

“You have the answers to your life! You are Whole, Capable, Resourceful and Creative!”

Unlocking Your Authentic Essence

Together, we embark on a journey of curiosity, exploring old attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve your highest self. Through powerful questions, we unlock patterns, enabling you to live Your Story—the life you were born to live. The process involves creating intention, focusing attention, and manifesting all that aligns with your choices.

“Confidence + Self-awareness + Transparency + Consistency = Authenticity. When you live from your Authentic Essence you will Live Your Story, the life you were born to live.”

Finding Your Authentic Essence

Finding your authentic essence begins within. A regular meditation practice enhances authenticity by fostering mindfulness. Amid external pressures, mindfulness allows you to lean in, listen to your internal truth, and align yourself with intention.

“It’s quite simple… it starts from within. When we have awareness and clarity then you align yourself towards stating your Intention so that you can take action through your Attention to Manifest Your Story, the life you were born to live.”

Crafting Your Story: A Personalized Journey

Are you ready to create Your Story, the life you were born to live? Start your transformative journey with an initial complimentary 1:1 coaching session, a 1-hour exploration of YOU. We’ll create a development plan and meet weekly for 1-hour sessions via Zoom, committing to the narrative of Your Story. The choice is yours—how do you choose to move forward?

Schedule your initial coaching session and let the journey to Your Story begin

Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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