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The Foundation

Welcome to Your Story, the life you were born to live! I’m excited to walk your journey with you towards your self-discovery of your energy and your own intuitive gifts. All change starts from the inside. When you make the commitment to connect with your inner self/ spirit/ source/ God/ Universe then you will begin to create permanent change in your life. When you truly listen to your inner voice (intuition), you are safely guided to where you are supposed to me at any moment in time. It takes time, practice and patience to listen to your inner voice/ spirit. YOU are intuitive and now is the time to trust your intuition!

“If you want to understand the Universe, we must think in terms of Energy, Frequency and Vibration”.
–Nikola Tesla, Scientist and Inventor

How you begin to live Your Story
When you clear the noise and chatter inside your mind and ground yourself into Gaia, you learn to connect to you as a spirit in a body. In your very first session of my 21-week program you are on your way to strengthen and define your personal space by learning to be centered, to be aware of where your attention is. Being grounded, is to be present and fully in your body, and in communication with yourself. When you Create energetic boundaries, you have clarity of your own space so that you will not merge with the energy of others. As you continue to Meditate, you integrate your spirit and body connection. When you Release past-time emotions and the energy of others in your space you will gain a greater sense of your own authentic essence personal sovereignty. Your inner work continues as you learn about chakras and your aura and why they’re important. As you continue to build your foundation the healing process begins as you learn to De-energize the emotional charge and energies, that have followed you through past time experiences and beliefs this lifetime. You are healing yourself!

Did you know that when you define your aura, you are creating your personal space for you? How do you define your aura? You will find out in just the second session! When your personal space is defined you will notice an immediate difference in how you interact with others and yourself. You will have more confidence.

As you continue through the program you will gain new tools each week that builds a solid foundation where you learn to trust your inner self and intuition as you build confidence that you always wanted or only dreamed of.

Class fee: $2625 ($125.00 per session)
Phone: (360) 836-0478

Readings and coaching sessions are available by appointment via telephone and Zoom.

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Phone: (360) 836-0478